Valentine’s Day Edit: Our 12 Most Loved Products

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this year we wanted to emphasize the important of self-care, self-love and of course… loving your hair! We are no strangers to the best hair products out there – so we wanted to rally up our most loved and most used products from 2021 that we think you are so deserving of!

Whether you are looking for a new shampoo and conditioner, styling products, you name it- we’ve got you covered in our roundup! Don’t forget – we will also be offering 14% off sitewide for the first two weeks of February for our Valentine’s Day sale, so stock up while you can save! Let’s get into it!

The Valentine’s Day Edit: 


Dream Coat is unmatched and quite literally a dream, this transformative liquid acts like a mini keratin treatment with each use leaving you will silky, glossy, hair that is SO shiny and reflective, you might think it’s glass. This is Celebrity Hairstylist, Chris Appleton’s, must have product and the key to his Hollywood approved hairstyles.


We love this product because it does exactly what it claims- speeds up your blow-dry! My least favorite part of my hair routine is having to blow dry it so finding products that will speed up the process are game changer for me! Not only does it speed up your blow dry- but it also acts as a heat protectant while preventing dehydration, color fade, and damage.

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Color Wow Dream Coat

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If we could recommend any hair mask – this would always be the winner. We LOVE Oi Hair Butter and our hair wouldn’t be the same without it. This nourishing formula will leave your hair soft, silky, and frizz-free— what more could we ask for?! And if you are familiar with the Oi Family… yes, it does have the signature Oi scent and it will linger between washes.


An essential for anyone who frequently heat styles or has hair. Melu Hair Shield is a heat protectant that also provides shine, fights of frizz, and has anti static properties for your most polished hair ever. This product is the key to keeping your hair healthy all year long – even on days that you aren’t going in with a hot tool, we still recommend giving your hair the TLC it needs with 5-10 sprays from roots to ends.

1000mL (33.8 fl oz)
250mL (8.82 fl oz)

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Oi Hair Butter


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Melu Hair Shield



This product has become my absolute favorite, it would 100% make it on my “stranded on an island and i only get three products” list – this is a volumizing powder that will give you grit and hold wherever you apply it. I personally use this on second day hair and section off my roots and apply it wherever I desire extra volume. I am someone who typically doesn’t love having product in my hair, but this one won me over!


As I just mentioned, it is rare that I apply products to my dry hair. I don’t always love the feeling of it but Haze and Water Killer are top tier. This is the best dry shampoo I have ever used and I will recommend it time and time again! It replaces oil with texture and volume and doesn’t leave behind residue. It is formulated in both clear and brunette which is extremely pigmented! I personally use the clear formula and have never had a problem with a white-cast.

200mL (6.7 fl oz)
50mL (1.7 fl oz)


For anyone who loves the tousled, effortless, lived in look- this product is for you. I was introduced to this product about 8 years ago at my very first salon job and it was love at first use! I used to love the beachy wave look on myself and this was always the most perfect finishing touch. It gives the perfect amount of texture and hold but will never weigh your hair down or feel greasy.


For when you need to hit refresh – Weekender Shampoo is a clarifying shampoo that will remove product buildup and excess residue. This is great to use every few washes so that your hair can feel squeaky clean and live up to its full styling potential! We like to use a clarifying shampoo the same day we use a deep conditioning hair mask as sometimes clarifying shampoo can feel a little bit drying.

1000mL (33.8 fl oz)
236mL (8 fl oz)


Ghost prep is another heat protectant that we love – unlink most heat protectants this is a cream product that can only be applied to damp hair! It protects your hair from thermal heat up to 425°F while simultaneously prepping it for styling. It is formulated with Moringa Oil which will help fight off frizz and enhance shine.


This was my go to shampoo and conditioner in 2021- I really enjoyed it because not only does it not work for all hair types, but it is also so lightweight and really is like a ghost, undetectable in your hair. The shampoo really does leave your hair feeling squeaky clean and the conditioner nourishes without feeling heavy in your hair or leaving behind any residue.

355mL (12 fl oz)
946mL (32 fl oz)

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Verb Ghost Shampoo

355mL (12 fl oz)
946mL (32 fl oz)

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Verb Ghost Prep



Packed with super oils, this lightweight formula will deliver hydration, shine, and softness. i love to use this products for my ends after heat styling, it really helps to polish off my final look and bring my ends back to life. You don’t need much of this product and it also smells great! Like all of the products we will retail – it will never weigh your hair down or compromise the health of your hair. Good things only!


A universal styling cream that does everything you want and more-  it primes your hair to add softness, shine, and light hydration while strengthening, polishing, and protecting your hair from heat. You can even apply a little bit of this to finish off your look for a perfectly polished look. This product really is 6-in-1 and is ideal for travel as it eliminates the need for multiple products!

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Virtue 6-IN-1 Styler

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Virtue Healing Oil


We hope you treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and everyday! Feel free to send us DM if you would like a custom hair routine or need any product recommendations- we are always more than happy to help!


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