9 Styling Bundles for a Good Hair Day

styling bundles

Good hair days have never been easier to accomplish as they are now with these thoughtfully curated styling bundles with the consumer in mind— our team of experienced stylists put together 9 different styling bundles that address different hair concerns or help you achieve your go-to hairstyle with little to no effort.

It’s no secret that there are thousands of hair products on the market which can make it a little overwhelming to narrow down a solid hair regimen catered to our specific hair needs and goals.


This bundle contains a wash routine and a leave in-treatment that will help to add protein into your hair as well as elasticity to prevent any further breakage.

Evo’s Ritual Salvation Shampoo + Conditioner is the perfect duo for damaged hair because they are reparative, strengthening, cleansing, they even protect cosmetic color from fading.

Davines’ Replumping Hair Filler Superactive is an elasticizing treatment packed with Hyaluronic Acid that will make your hair feel and look fuller, but will also ensure that your individual hair strands stay in tact and don’t break off.

With damaged hair, you are often times lacking the protein that your hair needs in order to maintain its overall strength and integrity. It is important to know the different between damaged hair and dry hair as one requires protein and the other requires moisture.

If you hair is lacking moisture  your hair strands will stretch but won’t return to its original shape and stays the way you stretched it.

If your hair is lacking protein, it may not stretch at all, or it will stretch a little before breaking off.


Dry Bundle


With all that being said, we introduce to you The Dry Bundle! As we mentioned previously, this bundle is ideal for anyone who is lacking moisture. Often times a lack of moisture can also be the reason we struggle to get rid of frizz.

The products in this bundle with nourish and hydrate your hair from the inside out to ensure it feels, looks, and is healthy and thriving.

Oi Hair Butter is an intensive treatment that will do all of the good things for your hair— Deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair,  antioxidant protection against UV rays, anti-frizz properties, yields extremely soft, full-bodied and luminous hair.

Evo Happy Campers is a wearable treatment that will do all of the healing work for you- you can apply this to damp hair and leave it between washes! It will replenish your locks while you are going about life.

Verb Ghost Oil is a product that can be applied whenever you need it, deemed a ghost oil because it’s undetectable, you’ll never have ti worry about your hair feeling weighed down. Be sure to apply this one after Happy Campers to lock in and intensify the benefits.

If you already have healthy hair, we love this for you— we created The Essentials Bundle with you in mind. When our hair is healthy it is so important that we take the necessary steps to maintain it.

This bundle has a wash routine that is ideal for all hair types- Oi Shampoo + Conditioner gently cleanses the hair, protects color, softens, adds shine and all that good stuff.

Unite 7Seconds Detangler is a powerhouse- it will of course fight off any tangles but it will also soften the hair, fight frizz, add shine, enhance color, and even protect your hair from hot tools.

Lastly is Oi Oil, this is a must have for anyone. It will lock in the properties of 7Seconds Detangler and lock that moisture in to prevent your hair from feeling or looking dry.

If you have 3c-4c curl patterns, this is the bundle for you. It is important to clarify textured hair but even more important to keep it hydrated and nourished. We have included Solu Sea Salt Scrub as a clarifying treatment to use on an as needed basis – it will remove any excess buildup and give your hair a clean slate for styling.

Evo’s Whip it Good Moisture Mousse is a miracle in a bottle, it will keep your hair moisturized between washes which will aid in reducing frizz production. Unite Boing Defining Curl Cream will give your curls body and definition, and Oi Oil will lock alllll of this in for you.

2a-3b curl patterns, this one is for you. Similar to the Natural Curl Bundle, this bundle was designed to enhance and define wavy hair textures. Because textured hair requires more product, clarifying the hair is always important.

This bundle contains a clarifying wash, a leave in milk to add moisture, detangle, protect from heat, and add shine, a leave-in cream that will add even more moisture to prevent the hair from feeling and looking dry, and a curl building serum to bring out the best in your waves.

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We are firm believers that there is nothing a little dry shampoo can’t fix— meet The Refresh Bundle! We created this bundle with the every-other-day or once a week washers in mind.

Washing once a week doesn’t always mean styling once a week, we often times have to refresh our curls or whatever it may be and it’s important that we continue to reapply heat protectant each time.

This bundle contains the BEST dry shampoo ever- it replaces oil with volume and texture and refreshes the scent of you hair, Melu Hair Shield to protect your hair from hot tools and Virtue Healing Oil to apply on an as needed moisture if you hair begins to feel dry or look dull.

if you struggle with achieving a voluminous blowout that lasts, this bundle has your name written all over it!

I myself am a huge fan of the blowout look and these are my personal holy grails for achieving it and maintaining it! When achieving volume, Color Wow Xtra Large makes all of the difference, not only does it provide volume but it also makes each strand of hair appear and feel visibly thicker- that’s double the volume!

Blowdry Primer is another must have because most importantly, it acts as a heat protectant but it will also provid memory and hold to keep your blowout full of body for at least a few days.

Lastly is a flexible hold hairspray- Miss Malleable! This will give extra support to your blowout while providing additional texture to keep your blowout feeling effortless!

We all know that getting your hair professionally done can cost a pretty penny so we created this bundle to help preserve the longevity of your color but also enhance it and ensure it stays vibrant between services!

The Color Wow Color Security Shampoo + Conditioner duo does just that- secures your color. It also softens, adds shine, prevents frizz and so on.

Davines Oi All in One Milk is a leave in conditioner that will nourish your hair from roots to ends, further enhance shine, detangle, and even protect your color from the heat.

Keep in mind that this bundle isn’t necessarily tailored toward dry or damaged hair so to speak, so if you are struggling with one of those concerns it is best to opt for the other bundles as the products in those bundles are also color safe. 

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Fine Bundle


The Fine Hair Bundle contains products that are suitable for everyday use- we find that fine hair types typically have to wash their hair a bit more often so we included Evo’s Normal Persons shampoo + conditioner this gently cleansing and nourishing duo will keep the hair clean and healthy but will never weigh it down.

Dede Hair Mist is going to be your leave in treatment that is also a very lightweight formula. Fine hair can still become dry so it’s important to continue to nourish the hair regardless of the density.

Lastly in the Volume Boosting Mousse, this product is perfect to lift those roots of of your scalp for a little extra volume for hair that tends to fall flat.

That’s a wrap! We hope that you find these bundles useful. If you have any questions regarding which bundle you should opt for feel free to shoot us a DM over on Instagram for a speedy reply!