New Years Resolution 2022: Good Hair Days Only

new year

You know that little saying, “New year, new me“? Well, we want to help you start your new year off right with the perfect wash routine products that match with your hair needs!

Shampoo and Conditioner are typically referred to as Hair Care, and we love this because a good hair day starts with the proper products. We know that there are tons and tons of options out there, and picking a shampoo and conditioner should not be difficult so we’re here to provide you with some helpful tips that can narrow down your search.


Love Note: An effective way to pick a shampoo is to reference your scalp health.

If you tend to have a dry scalp…

Davines Momo ShampooUnique in formula, Momo is a clear fluid that transforms to a foamy creamy texture that envelopes the hair strand in moisture and provide a dose of hydration

Evo The Therapist Hydrating ShampooThe answer to all of your dehydrated hair needs, The Therapist adds hydration, shine, and gently cleanses the hairs.

If your scalp tends to be on the more oily side…

Verb Sea Shampoo: Nothing beats the perfect beach hair, if you can’t make it to the beach and your shower is the next best thing, Verb Sea Shampoo is ideal for you. Enriched with Seaweed extract and kelp, this shampoo works to cleanse your hair of excess oils, and provides natural hydration.

Unite U:Dry Plus+ Dry Shampoo: If an oily scalp plagues you on your non-wash days, this extra absorbing dry shampoo is ideal for you! Free from residue and extremely lightweight, this formula is great for not only absorbing unwanted oils, but also breathing life back into limp, oily hair by turning up the volume in all the right ways.

If your scalp is on the normal/healthy side… (lucky you!)

Unite U Luxury Shampoo: Great for daily use on all hair types, and deeply enriched with hydration and nutrients, this formula helps to add strength and heals and repairs the hair. Not to worry, it’s entirely safe for color-treated hair, and extensions.

Verb Ghost Shampoo: Fortified with Moringa oil, barely there Ghost is formulated to cleanse your hair, and naturally protect your color, eliminate frizz and increase shine.


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Verb Ghost Shampoo



Momo Shampoo



Love Note: While it seems that it would make the most sense to choose a conditioner that’s “matches” your shampoo, the more practical solution is to choose a conditioner that matches the concerns of your mid-length to ends.

Who would Batman be without Robin, Lucy without Ethel, and your perfectly curated shampoo, without a stunning conditioner?

If your mid-length to ends are dry…

Verb Hydrating Conditioner: Deeply nourishing and reparative, Verb Hydrating Conditioner works to give your dry ends some love and moisture. Bountiful in moisture, this product is designed to give moisture and wash away clean, leaving tons of shine.

Unite 7Seconds Conditioner: Argan oil, shea butter, green tea, sunflower, and fruit extracts come together in this hair-loving product. The 7 Seconds line from Unite is suited for you if you’re looking for top tier hydration. On top of all of the already mentioned benefits of this conditioner, an added bonus is that it provides protection from UV rays, heat, and color fading.

If your mid-length to ends are damaged…

Virtue Recovery Conditioner: Rich and luxurious, this vitamin packed formula will give your hair the full rejuvenating experience. Behaving like a high-powered treatment, this product uses Virtue’s Alpha Keratin 60ku complex to deposit pure, human keratin directly into the hair shaft. An added bonus, this formula is color-safe, paraben-free, and gluten-free and vegan!

Davines Melu Conditioner: Formulated to restore elasticity to long or broken hair, Melu is designed to smooth and enrich damaged ends in moisture without weighing it down to prevent further breakage.

If your mid-length to ends are normal/healthy…

Evo Normal Persons Conditioner: Normal Persons is for, as the name suggests, people with normal/healthy hair! The formula works to add softness and shine, improve manageability, and reduce frizz. Something that is extra special about this product is that it has a really nice cooling/stimulating effect on the scalp. (Please note, this product is not recommended for color treated hair)

Davines Oi Conditioner: A personal favorite on the LYH team, Oi is ideal for all hair types. This milky and heaven-sent smelling conditioner is recommended for daily wash and perfect for maintaining shine, softness, and volume.

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Oi Conditioner

1000mL (33.8 fl oz)
300mL (10 fl oz)

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Melu Conditioner


We hope this information helps guide you in making your hair care product selections. Wash routines are not a one size fits all so be sure to pick your products with care.

If you ever have any questions on which products we’d recommend to kick off your hair journey, send us an email or a DM and we’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Here’s to the New Year and good hair days only!