Our Top 5 Products for a Perfect Hair Day

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In search of the perfect hair day but unsure of how to achieve it? Good news, you came to the right place! In this post, we are going to breakdown our top 5 fool-proof products that have worked time and time again for us! The following products will keep your hair healthy, hydrated, frizz-free, shiny, smooth and just all of the good things!

One thing I wanted to note is that I have naturally wavy/coarse hair, my individual strands are fairly thin, but I have a lot of them. That said, I will also include some alternate options for those with fine/straight hair to ensure that you too, can have a perfect hair day!

Okay, lets get into it!

Our Top 5 Products for a Perfect Hair Day


A perfect hair day starts with your wash routine. The products you are using to cleanse and nourish your hair are going to set the foundation for the rest of your products.

We love the VERB Ghost Shampoo + Conditioner Duo. This duo is formulated to perform flawlessly on all hair types and it truly does.

The Ghost Shampoo is a moringa-oil infused shampoo that weightlessly cleanses fine and easily weighed down hair. It is formulated to protect color, naturally smooth frizz and promote radiant shine for all hair types.

The Ghost Conditioner is a moringa-oil infused conditioner that weightlessly protects and moisturizes fine and easily weighed down hair. Formulated to smooth frizz, promote shine and strengthen hair.

355mL (12 fl oz)
946mL (32 fl oz)

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Verb Ghost Shampoo

355mL (12 fl oz)
946mL (32 fl oz)

Following your wash routine, is leave-in products. These are essential is locking in all of the benefits that your shampoo and conditioner just provided for you.


Our main goal around here is to make sure our hair is HEALTHY! The integrity of our hair truly sets the tone for a styling routine and that is why we cannot live without the Color Wow Dream Cocktail – Kale Infused.

This product is a holy grail—it is a leave-in strengthening hair treatment that reduces breakage by 50 percent in one use for stronger, healthier hair. This product really practices what it preaches and has improved my hairs’ health drastically! It also has heat protectant factors in it. A win:win!

A great alternative for this product is the Verb Ghost Prep. This is a lightweight heat protectant formulated to prime, moisturize and provide protection up to 425°F. Moringa oil infuses the hair shaft with essential nutrients that naturally smooth frizz and promote radiant shine for all hair types.

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Verb Ghost Prep


The next product for a perfect hair day is one that provides body + volume to the hair for that bombshell end result.

Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer is our right hand, our go to. This is a futuristic foamy froth with fortifying Bamboo volumizes fine, thin, limp hair without damage, dehydration or weighing hair down. Thick, voluminous hair results last for days.

A great alternative for this is the Unite Boosta Volumizing Spray. Because this product is a spray formula, it is a bit more lightweight for those with fine, thin hair. It is a body-building spray that gives hair a boost of weightless volume, especially when used with heat. It can also be used to create texture and definition or spray directly to the root for a more targeted lift.

236mL (8 fl oz)
59mL (2 fl oz)


Now that we’ve got wash routine, leave-in, and styling products out of the way, it’s time to talk finishing products! These are going to be your final step products that’ll hold all of your hair work.

For this, we have three product recommendations depending on the look you go for. Some of us blow dry and call it a day, some of us throw in some curls, and some of us leave it straight. These are the key products to keep your style, styling.

For the Blowout + Go Girl– finish off your look with Color Wow Pop + Lock.  This unique formula will smooth frizz and flyaways, seal split ends, and add sparkling shine.

For the Wavy/Curly girls, never go a day without Unite Texturiza Texturizing Spray. This is the perfect finishing product to create a tousled, piecey, and effortless look.

For those who love the sleek + straight look, finish off your perfect hair day with Verb Ghost Oil from your mids to your ends to seal your cuticle and fight off frizz.

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Finishing Products

Color Wow Pop + Lock


We hope you found these product recommendations useful! For more hair tips, follow us on Instagram + Tiktok.

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Thank you so much for reading, wishing you a perfect hair day.

With love,

The Love Your Hair Team 💖