Welcome to Love Your Hair!

Dear Friends,

It is with the most gratitude that I would like to thank you for visiting and supporting us at Love Your Hair. This has been a very passionate project we’ve been working on over a year. While we do see this launch as the beginning to an evolving project, Today I’m very happy to see it become a reality.

Our goal at Love Your Hair is sincerely to help you do just that – love your hair because it’s so much more than just hair.

Loving your hair means feeling good about yourself. And that is a great feeling to have.

With this project, we will live by our values: Inclusivity, Reliability, Accessibility and Positivity. We are on the mission of becoming your trusted source of high quality products, relevant information on hair and beauty, how-to’s, and access to personalized service.

Finally, I invite the team and our future customers to have fun. Loving what we do is already an accomplishment, but having fun while we go through this makes this journey beyond special.

All the love,

Alfonso & Love Your Hair Team